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TEN SING originated in Norway.

The Norwegian pastor Kjell Grönner visited a concert of ?Sing Out? (later called ?Up with People?). Fascinated by the stirring music, he wanted to realise the Sing-Out-idea as local Christian youth work in the YMCA Bergen/Norway.

In September 1967 TEN SING Bergen startet. Almost one year later a summer camp with more than 2000 youths took place in Sandefjord. From this day on the revolutionary youth work spread like a fire in Norway. Very soon new workshops like dance, band and drama developed. The name ?TEN SING? was kept.

About ten years later many groups had become over aged gospel-choirs. The fire of the beginning was gone; many groups were short before dying. In the beginning of the 80th Svein Harsten became YMCA-secretary, the first one being employed only for TEN SING. He gave the youth the freedom to create their culture the way they wanted to and gave them back their TEN SING. ?Youth for the Youth? allowed a revival of the TEN SING-work.

In 1986/87 TEN SING spread to Germany through the adoption of a Norwegian project-group (TEN SING Norway). Spiritual leader of this group was Pastor Johan Vilhelm Eltvik. Besides this TEN SING-Project in Germany, TEN SING came to many European countries with the help of TEN SING Norway as well.

With the liberation movement in 1990 and the fall of the Berlin Wall, TEN SING could be introduced in many countries in Middle- and Eastern Europe where the YMCA had been forbidden until then. TEN SING grew from a Norwegian idea to a European movement.

1994 till 1997 the ?German TEN SING-project?, supported by the German department for  youth, brought new ideas to the German TEN SING-groups. An inspiring exchange was developed, also with TEN SING Norway. Regional project-groups advanced the ideas of the German TEN SING-project.
Today there are more than 500 European TEN SING-groups, 120 of them in Germany (about 5000 participants). Youth in the USA and on the Philippines were infected by the exaltation about TEN SING, too.

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